My client Mr Calistus S. Sengwatse urgently wishes to embark on a maintenance project to repair and refurbish HOUSE PLOT NO. 37462 DIMPHO CRESCENT STREET. BLOCK 8, GABORONE. He lives with his wife and they are both blessed with a seven year old boy. The state of the building is in good conditions but only one room is perceived to be in an immensely deteriorating state after the room caught a fire. Apparently the child was playing with a box of matches.




Figure 1: fire fighters, taking down the fire.

The client has in this regard required me (Morapedi R. Seloro) to propose a maintenance plan and remedial works to be carried out. I therefor promise to develop quick fix measures to improve the state of the dilapidated room and to ensure that it is habitable. Now my client states that he had always wanted to change that space in to a warm welcoming, entertainment area for relaxing and drinking his favorite glass of wine while dinning with his wife.


The client in a bid to swiftly improve the room state has identified parts requiring urgent attention within the room and wishes to engage service providers to apply permanent or temporal quick measures so as ensure that it is habitable. The purpose of the service providers will be to establish through survey the extent of building deterioration as highlighted by the client and to provide quick professional solutions and remedial measures required on the building to ensure that the room meets the client’s requirements as well as comply with Building Standards and Regulations. In this case the service provider will be Morapedi Seloro.









This report is an architectural survey based only on visual inspections of the following room area identified by Mr Calistus S. Sengwatse (the client) as requiring urgent attention:

Replacing of doors , wall finish, Floor finish , Ceiling finish, Furniture and fittings


Figure 2: visual representation of current state

















The report records the major defects of the room through visual inspections and photographic recording at the time of the survey. It is a true record of the existing condition of the room at the date of inspection. Furthermore, the main focus of the survey was aimed at identifying critical elements that posed a major threat of declaring the room inhabitable. The inspection and report excludes the following areas which were found to be in good condition

Store room, servant’s quarter, bedroom 2, master bedroom, bedroom 3, toilet/bath (2) Kitchen, lounge, garage

Figure 3: overall floorplan
Figure 4: roof plan























Figure 5: elevations









Figure 6: section A-A








I personally did not experience any difficulties, inspecting the place on the day I visited the site, the client was welcoming and friendly. I was able to gather all the required information for my survey.



Tasks undertaken involved data collection through visual surveys by me and two of my mates practicing architecture aimed at preparing a comprehensive dilapidation report and specifications for remedial works. The surveys were basically non-disruptive to the client as they knew that we had to take notes any way. The survey was undertaken during the day. In addition, the end-user was involved in establishing and clarifying the problems experienced in the building.



The general defects commonly associated with the room include:

  • Faulty and deteriorating doors due to fire impact
  • Poor lighting
  • Damaged ceiling panels
  • Non-functioning air cons
  • Warn out paint due to fire exposure

Generally, the room inspected is in poor condition and require immediate attention.








Figure 9: damaged sliding door glazing


Figure 8: ceiling has lost its white color
Figure 7: warn out paint on the wall, and curtain rails are damaged









From the surveys and inspections undertaken, it can be concluded that the room is dilapidated and urgent action is needed to remedy this status as the room is rendered a health hazard questioning its habitability.



In order to improve the  room status and to ensure that it is habitable, I recommend that quick fix up measures be executed as soon as possible through service providers in this case me the principal Architect as I finalize the execution of my proposed maintenance plan for the room.

My proposed maintenance plan reads as follows:

In order to meet my clients desire of changing the dilapidated space in to a warm welcoming, entertainment area for relaxing and drinking his favorite glass  of wine, and to create ambience I will incorporate a plan which is rustic  giving the space charming and industrial looks creating a spirit of old presented combined with modern. This means that I will have to add warm colors to the space too.

To give it a rustic feel I will expose the brick wall, now a brick has a true tone of red to it which will gives the room a rustic, romantic, warm feel.

Exposed  brick walls have became famous in late 1900s. Since a lot of people found it as a perfect solution in older homes. I prefer exposure of bricks because it is also less expensive to expose the brick of the walls than to repair it or replace it.This kind of walls are really looking amazing and adding character to the interior.

After all this is how the room will look……….get ready……. Feast your eyes


After all this is how the room will look……….get ready……. Feast your eyes


After all this is how the room will look……….get ready……. Feast your eyes


After all this is how the room will look……….get ready……. Feast your eyes


After all this is how the room will look……….get ready……. Feast your eyes

Look in to the next page…….

















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